Sunday, September 25, 2011

Awakening Purpose and Life Calling

Moses responds to the LORD: “If your presence doesn’t take the lead here, call this trip off right now.” ~Exodus 33:15 (Msg).

Calling is a funny thing.

God’s not the only one that calls. There is the Enemy who also calls, and if we follow, we may soon know it by the devil-sponsored accusations that may surface. The Enemy veils envy, camouflaging it for passion. A standing-back wisdom is called for.

If we really want something, watch out! The key question ought to be, “Why do I want this thing so badly?”

Finding and Accepting What We Are Purposed For

Surely one of the biggest tests of wisdom any of us face is the race for purpose and meaning. Because we see so many ways of achieving, our chief temptation can be to jump on board a purpose that won’t carry us all the way to the finish line.

The breakneck world we live in is part of our problem; the competitive mindset rewards quick action, but, just as the hare lost to the tortoise, decisions made prematurely can have lasting negative consequences.

If we commit to a calling that seems right, but proves later not to be, we are no better off and often have to start all over again, besides the disappointment we experience in letting ourselves and others down.

Our best aim has to be set in finding our purpose. In many cases it might be accepting what we may have, for some reason, been resisting. Finding or accepting what we are purposed for are separate challenges.

There can be no doubt, however; the power behind calling is passion.

Passion: The Missing Link in Calling

Passion is ease as far as purpose is concerned. Achievement is never easier when the work is done effortlessly and in joy.

Whenever we see someone who has achieved great things we are amazed at their resources of creativity and energy to accomplish so much. It amazes us because our passion isn’t manifested like theirs is. But it was their passion that got them there, and it’s passion that leads them home.

We should only want what we can truly be passionate about—for passion will empower us, but indifference wants for passion and it will prove our nemesis.

Passion will sustain us through great tumults and it’ll take us to the logical end point; all the way there.

There is a great danger in trying to copy others, and to emulate great deeds that we admire. If these are not ‘us’ then we potentially waste our lives dispassionately.

Two reasons why our prayers aren’t answered the way we want them to be, are:

1. We’re working on the wrong purpose; or,

2. We’re not there yet, but persistence pays, and one day we will be.

We have addressed the former above. The latter is about not giving up; a test of our resilient tenacity. Perseverance is rewarded eventually.


Wisdom regarding vision and life purpose is a tricky business. Not wanting what we want too much is important, because it can skew our decision-making. Better to employ our passion at the level of doing and let the outcomes sort themselves.

God sponsors the approach to our calling. Like Moses, we’d be remiss to go anywhere that the Spirit of God has long since departed from or, as we are personally concerned, has never been.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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