Friday, September 9, 2011

Take ONE

In many industries, to prevent accidents, people are encouraged to Take Time, or Take Five. When we take time we invite the insight of awareness and, therefore, reason is ours; all for the understanding and applying. This improves our lives.

But we do needn’t stress out to Take Five when we barely often even Take ONE:

Take ONE Moment...

Imagining ourselves seated on the grass in a park, nearby a trickling fountain, birds peacefully tweeting. Sometimes we just need one moment to empty our minds enough to allow the fragrance of life to flood our senses once more.

It’s just one moment, however long that moment needs to be; could be a few seconds, a minute, or several minutes, but probably not longer. Capitalising on such a moment makes a pleasant opportunist of us.

Take ONE Hour...

Sometimes we can’t achieve the above sense of peace in such a short departure from life. The noise in our minds and the unease in our hearts prompts us to escape for a defined period.

This is about planning, anticipation regarding looking forward to something so freeing, and then wilful execution—as we protect and provide for ourselves; our mental, emotional, and spiritual states.

Take ONE Day...

Sabbath is a marvellous concept. Rarely, however, do we institute such a holy sacrament per the Ten Commandments.

Taking one full day, or even a substantial chunk, is for some a courageous move. Many of us are so connected to life in the here and now we find it hard to disconnect even for one day.

Not only is disconnecting for one full day possible, it’s necessary for reinvigoration upon rejuvenation, and should be part of our month by month living routine.

Take ONE Lifetime...

This is where we depart from the abovementioned concept of chosen situational rest. Enjoying the grace of God is, fundamentally, about knowing the peace that comes from eternal rest, even in the here and now.

Taking ONE full lifetime—yes, that’s our whole life, or the rest of it—is first, commitment. It’s with deliberation and intention that we forage in life under a new purpose. With this purpose we note when our hearts are rushed, frustrated, fatigued or feeling complacent. With this commitment, we arrest each slide as it occurs, restoring the delicate nature of the peaceful life.


When we Take ONE we agree with God to take only what we need. This is our God-ordained opportunity for momentary reflection; to seek and grow in wisdom. This is so glory may go to God.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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