Thursday, September 15, 2011

The First Moment in the Rest of Your Life

Welcome to the first moment in the rest of your life. It’s called the present. The rest of our lives are a continuous string of those ‘first moments’. What’s going to make each of those first moments work? That’s our opportunity and challenge.

A good dose of wisdom, seasoned with love, with some humour added for taste—it all helps balance the situations that present as those first moments.

When life is broken down into moments everything is seen as initial, and therefore everything of personal control is in play. Choice is now the thing that proves we are masters and mistresses of our own destinies. And if the choice seems out of our control, when we agree we are simply making a wise choice. God still gives us majority dominion over our control.


The first moment in the rest of our lives is momentous if we will choose to see it that way. Likewise, if we’re given to anxiety we can see this first moment as just a moment; manage that okay, without thought of past or future, and we are succeeding.

Peace prevails when we are not ambushed by the past or ransomed by the future. Living that first moment of the rest of our lives, right now, is licence to breathe more deeply the salubrious aroma of an ever-present joy.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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