Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Conversation with God

A thoroughly awe-inspiring prospect in life is conversing with God, yet we hardly do it. Only when we dip to the bottom of the barrel do we often pray. How amazing it is that we can take God’s hand at any time and enjoy a healing conversation.

Let’s just imagine what the conversation with God might sound like:


Come with me on this trip, my child,

So you’ll be free to see,

How I transform your problems to mild,

Happier you’ll ever be.

I want to take you by the hand,

Just for a short excursion,

Visions of warm welcoming sand,

And seas of healing immersion.

I want to lead you by the heart,

To play among the field,

The fondness with which we can start,

Intimacy created and sealed.

I want to restore you deep in mind,

In order to communicate,

Many things in this world are kind,

With these I want you to relate.

I want to establish you deep in your soul,

In touch with your brightening relief,

Then it is you’ll know your role,

Intrinsically part of belief.

Then you will come to understand,

Welcoming the means to an end,

Realising now I put faith in your hand,

Souls are mine to mend.


If ever we want the edge taken off our problems we go see God, spend some time, and spiritually things get better.

Using the imagination we go to a far away land in our minds—a calming beach scene or a beautifully furnished field. These images imply serenity and rest.

It’s in these times that our investment in intimacy with God is richly blessed. We take our willingness to the Almighty and the Lord seals our wish.

God wants to restore the mindset of positivity. Of the many things of virtue perhaps we have polarised to those of vice. It is all too easy to forget the positive and only note the negative; there is, however, much kindness in the world. God wants us to relate with these.

Deeper even still God will take us, if we will allow, and suddenly revelation breaks through our awareness—our belief is buoyed.

Finally, the recognition of hope is felt deep in the conscious mind; our souls are God’s to mend.


God wants to take us far away from the sharpness of our problems, and just a little obedient time with our Lord will restore us to the battle. Conversations with God are a universal need. It is in these that God heals our heads, hearts and souls. Then we are ready to launch into life.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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