Saturday, September 3, 2011

Time and Eternity

We may think of eternity in terms of time, but then we’d be mistaken. Being in an eternal heaven or an eternal hell is a constant—no realm anything like time exists there.

What is, is.

Plain and simple; it is otherwise irreconcilable.

That can help us disconnect for our false allusions regarding other preconceptions—that we might experience pain, duration, perception, cost, difference, winning versus losing etc there. These will almost certainly be wrong.

As we strip away more and more of our unchallenged assumptions about eternity—something that’s the complete antithesis of time—we perhaps begin to fear it less.

Peace is to be known in heaven; a peace nothing like what we might know as peace here.

And how can we know it if we’ve never been there? This, of course, is from one person’s understanding—mine—regarding eternity; a vision converted to literature.

Close, Yet Far

We are closer to eternity than any of us imagine. There could not, nevertheless, be a stranger concept. So close it is, yet, by experience and knowledge of it, so far away.

If wonder was impossible before, thought of the time-eternity paradox now creates it.

This we have to look forward to; the peace of it; the completion of it; entering is achievement.

Yet, of all thoughts, we never want to leave here—unless life has become despairingly unbearable—because there is too much to leave; though soon it’ll be all gone.


So, let us enjoy—the best we can—the things present to us in this world. Let us know, however, the sharply diverging difference between time and eternity. What we take into eternity from this life is a mystery to be answered only when we arrive into the next. We can make no assumptions.

Does that, somehow, refit our concept for life today?

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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