Thursday, February 17, 2011

Strength for the Minute

Not for the day, nor the hour, but for the minute, we’re positioned to conquer the challenges of life. This is the portion we can handle—we can deal with that moment as it is.

But as soon as we cast our minds toward a distal moment, our burdens begin to add exponentially from that point, unless we desist from our forward-gazing. This process we know to be worry. Traipse the other way into the past and, again, we’re swamped with what cannot help the interceding minute. This form of rear-gazing we know as regret.

For the minute we’re saved, and it’s for this instant we’re purposed toward that which can now be tackled. All else is to be left alone.

The Moment’s Strength

If we stay in the instant, that’s where we find Spiritual strength. This is the melding of wisdom to go only where we’re asked, with the mental and emotional focus any typical human being is capable of.

Moments are known for the nuances of their circumstantial value—fine-tuned to order and known only, truly, to God. Put another way, each moment is layers deep, many quite beyond human recognition.

But, an appreciation is all we need. That’s discernment; to have the Spiritual antennae raised for insights we’d not normally get. The moment’s strength is vital knowledge—a veritable power—which aids our words, actions and decision-making.

Planning is Still Necessary

None of the foregoing advises us to not plan for the future or learn from our pasts. That we have to do, if we want the best of life. Planning will also augment capability for the moment.

Planning reduces stress by having all discernible matters put into order. Planning is wisdom because it’s caring for matters.

Empowered Living

How we live life is up to us. There is more personal control over it than we realise.

Holding to the norms of strength known for staying in the moment, and hence knowing what the instant requires of us, it’s reasonable that we’ll perform. Confidence is afforded because the path is lit and our task is merely to step into and along it.

Obedient living is not so much hard to achieve as much as it requires continual adherence to a basic discipline: achieve placement in the instant, discern its needs, and maintain awareness and conviction to do what’s required.

There is the strength, because there is knowledge, which is power. Power known personally is strength because it’s a confident position—to be found in the lap of the will of God.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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