Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Finding the Strength to Get Through

A day might be as long as it ever lasts,

The morning brings with it a breeze,

But that day’s long – a chilly forecast,

And the last thing felt is ease.

Why is it like this – and why right now?

Comes abreast the understood sigh,

The spirit not at rest, instead having a row,

It’s something we shouldn’t deny.


It’s something that comes across the world of feelers, and particularly keen spiritual persons—call it a spiritual attack if you will. There are many manifestations of this, and heaven only help the person saying they don’t occur. They do.

Finding the strength to get through is quite a paradoxical art, for such strength is in weakness. Abject weakness—checking the Apostle Paul’s theology—is how we draw on God’s grace for our situations (2 Corinthians 12:8-10).

For those prone to such attack, there’s no avoiding it, apart from, perhaps, early detection and response. Still, circumstantial matters oppose many such responses, so, whilst some responses work well, others are forlorn.

We Cannot Force Empathy

The thing that someone who’s under spiritual attack needs is empathy—some pleasantly placed sounding board who will just listen to the grievance, without a shadow of judgment. That, and prayer.

These people are not always available and forthcoming.

But we can learn to empathise with ourselves, so as to allow the Spirit of God to quell our ebbing tide.

Holding Out for the Commencement of the Next Day/Season

Patience admonishes us to wait. Times are coming when things will be more even-keeled. You’ll see. As the storms subside and light returns we survey the damage, and unlike hurricanes, there is never as much spoil as we first thought. This is because we have better, more positive sight.

The following day (metaphorically speaking) works wonders, and holding out for it proves us faithful to patience; the ability to persevere.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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