Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fear – Seek and Destroy

Pillion passengers we can be found,

Detached from reality or for thought of foes,

Sooner or later fear’s running us aground,

And unless we challenge it, fear only grows.

Far better in life to seek and destroy,

All manifestation of the bullying mind,

Warranted are we to actively deploy,

A hold to put this evil in a resolute bind.

Destroying the fear is not always fun,

Battling its ‘prestige’ to earn the truth,

Do it with effect until it’s decisively done,

Unravelling as we do the mind-bound sleuth.

Seek and destroy fear once and for all,

Committed to breaking through at its source,

Suddenly heard is the Divine-given call,

Life now finds for itself a steadfast course.


Fear will drive us down if we’ll let it. It takes courage to go seek it with intent to destroy, but any of us has the skill and opportunity to do it.

Ever Been a “Pillion Passenger” to Your Fear?

It’s a remarkably rhetorical question, that one.

Picturing one of those three-wheeled motorcycles where we, the passenger, sit in our pillion, we can just envisage the rider: fear—or any nemesis cloaked in its name... depression, anxiety, anger, confusion, submission, denial.

As that motorcycle speeds on down the highway, us in its lap entirely, we have no say over the coming hazards and how they’ll be negotiated; we can’t even jump out.

Fear has a similar effect. Problems take us down a sinkhole, and like the water swirling, destined to be soon out of sight, we’re taken quickly beyond our redemption moments. Or so we think!

Understanding the Source of Fear: the Mind

Our minds do bully us on occasion. We reflect too much for our own good at times, making up stimuli or at least magnifying things that don’t deserve such standing.

What the mind needs is a consciousness of truth, and that can be difficult from the proximal ‘distance’ we have with ourselves—we’re too close to matters sometimes.

Squashing fear is not a task that everyone looks forward to; it takes a leap of courage, bound from faith to take the risk in the presence of enough knowledge to make the risk worth taking.

Seeking and Destroying – the Only Way

Like an exocet missile we fire upon our fear, once it’s exposed, with ferocity so as to vanquish it.

We can do this, quite simply, because fear is a veneer—a thing hard in its exterior, but with little resilient substance. It will fall like dominos.

Hearing God’s affirmation, by the fact of the instantaneous shattering of fear’s effects, we see, and freshly believe, the steadfast course. God is with us.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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