Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Heartbeat from Home

With the seconds ticking past and the moments escaping,

Internal pressures persisting – balance’s awry,

Performance’s the matter of momentary shaping,

Making each mounting second obey our heartfelt cry.

Step by step home’s closer to sight,

Little by little bridging the heart’s gap,

Grappling with it and on goes the fight,

Lovely’s the feeling now we’re on the last lap.

A heartbeat from home is everyone’s focus,

Stages in time when anticipation climbs,

“Keep going” upon the journey is the heart-flung purpose,

Extra special watch’s made to stay away from crimes.

As home comes into view – no better scene,

Familiarity like this never breeds contempt,

Value for home has there never better been,

We know this, of course, to an infinite extent.


There’s no place like home.

As home’s approached whether from work, a long journey, or just a day out, our anticipation climbs—this ranges from an extrudable joy to pensive frustration; the want of doing five things at once as we cross the threshold.

Each Step is Purposed Toward Changing Track

We take many risks in life, but as we approach home, hazard gives way to caution.

Awareness of proximity to home piques our walking—more conscious care is taken as we step. The entire focus is absorbed on reaching home and getting onto the next encapsulation of the journey; another worthwhile beginning.

It ushers to us that home represents significant things.

What “Home” Represents

Sanctuaries are special for the peace and semblance with ourselves they deliver. Can there be a better sanctuary than home? And what is home... I recall a time when a church was a home—it was for a brief period more “home” than my actual home was.

It was my sanctuary; a place where I spent large portions of time alone, thinking, praying, reflecting, singing... caretaking the place as if it were my home.

Home enfolds the concepts of heaven, peace, authenticity, and intrinsic comfort; it’s about being ourselves with no pretence.

When we’re home in what we do, creation is something that becomes a redeemable force. We become better than circus performers in a world full of tricksters. The miraculous thing about this is we don’t even realise how implicit the function of ‘being home’ is. We are more ‘us’ at home than we realise.

Home – Seriously Gratified

Human beings are infamous for taking good things for granted. Even though we do take our homes for granted at one level, at a deeper level we don’t. We pine for them, and by virtue of that, nothing can gratify us more than the concept of being home.

Next time you feel the climbing anticipation of approaching home recall how many times God blesses us with this very experience. It gives immense meaning to leaving the home in the first place.

Home is a concept enshrouded in redemption. It’s a most godly thing.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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