Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spiritual Optimism When Your Gut Says, “Give Up!”

Any modern Saturday it can occur. You’re faced with being behind the eight-ball from the moment your eyelids blossom apart, revealing eyes parched for hope, for what is about to commence is a day of frenetic abandon.

Everything’s a rush. Breakfast thrown down, dishes and other chores multitasked, as is bathing and dressing (if there’s enough time!), and into the car. Thoughts of “What have I left home?” buzz through your consciousness as the house gently fades from sight through your rear-vision mirror.

Seems everyone else you encounter on the road has the same challenge—you’re met with a rash of red lights, the perennial slow driver, people who drive with their eyes closed, or the serial tail-gater.

As you’re about to burst your first gasket—God speaks to your spirit... “Hush, child, what’s the matter?”

Stopped dead in your spiritual tracks... like deer in headlights.

Thoughts are transformed...

C Delays become Divine appointments where the rush makes way for underlined belief that all will be okay. The path of faith.

C With each task done—just in time—the mind switches onto the next thing, without a second’s distraction. Diligence melds with prudent calm to do what must be done—not a fuss entered into; diss the distraction.

C As the fleeting vacant moments assuage the inner panic, planning becomes the forte, and the angels of God fill us with wisdom fitted wondrously for the circumstance. Thoughts are malleable, ordered, optimised.

C The ticked-off list, growing more impressive throughout the day, accomplishments in their regal aplomb, and confidence is confirmed. The jury’s back in. Optimism of the Spirit’s power is winning the day. Indeed, the fact that overwhelming things do not crush us is cause for dizzy celebration.

The Calming Presence of the Spirit When Matters Are Beyond the Sublime

Prayer is the ordinance that makes the event of God’s inspiration occur.

The Lord has made the Spirit known to us; the speech of the Almighty resounds within our spirits as if to remind us we’re on holy ground—even now.

When our gut, heart and mind are colluding in confusion, and matters are awry in the pickle of hurry, it’s too easy to give-in to the fear.

God’s Spirit is the quiet voice calming the calamity, breaking down the moment into divisible, achievable tasks... for that’s all life is; one task after another. Not difficult, just linear activity.

Having purpose; that’s our gentling key.

Prayer is how we get through—the constancy of God’s Presence.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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