Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ode to the ‘King of Pop’ – One Year Hence

He came to our worlds lighted and hot,

pressing delight and hot to trot,

worthy esteem we could but give,

some it seems disparagingly grieve.

Leaving us then, sad but true,

why now, why ever, only God knew,

leaving a hole, one that grew,

we now sit obliged giving him due.

Alive we stand for this time we do,

cherishing the wonder and how life’s new,

willing we are astride the queue,

he lives in our memory forever askew.

Finally, paraded, he will not give,

apart this world without to live,

for us to recoil we do but know,

he pushes us off inspired to go.


No matter our view of Michael Jackson, he influenced and inspired generations been and to come. His legacy lives on. And though we rightly stop in our adoration of him before we reach worship—which is due only God—we do thank God for Michael and people like him; people who take our imaginations beautifully by thankful ransom.

Personally—and I speak for many silent voices in this—people like Michael Jackson, despite the maligning slurs, have their place in inspiring us to go to the zenith of ourselves. God-placed inspirants these all are; players of talent modelling achievement and dedication to their crafts.

Michael Jackson—like so many of his contemporaries—has breathed a lasting legacy into the worlds of music, dance; the performing arts in sum.

All our lives have been vastly enriched by him and others like him. I thank God for them.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

Image Credit: The Musing Wordsmith: The Indomitable Musings of Cydnie Wilson, My Lifetime with MICHAEL JACKSON, A Homage to the Moonwalker (June 27, 2009). Available:

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