Monday, June 7, 2010

Ebb ‘n’ Flow

What we took very much for granted yesterday or a month ago has potentially changed, irrevocably, and often without any notice.

This is a difficult truth for people of both Type ‘A’ and Type ‘B’ personalities to accept but it’s nevertheless something we all have to adapt to. The pace of life and the state of play—their ebb and flow—are not only impossible to predict, they often collude, making it painful just trying to adjust to the moments as they come.

We get either excited at our opportunities or alternatively we cherish an opportunity to relax, but these things don’t last.

Sooner or later we’re back on the treadmill of life and we find it frustrating that we can’t control things more. Of course, what I’m pointing out here is obvious, but many times we’re not adept at taking account of this, or we’re just lazy, unfortunately at times to our demise.

We get used to the flow and want it to remain, or we just can’t wait for the next ebb—but none of the ebb or flow we really want will maintain itself.

The stream of life is like a sawtooth chart; up and down, side-to-side, back and forth and so on.

Life is unpredictable.

The only thing we can do really is try to understand ourselves and pick our normal, preferred patterns—and more appropriately, our weaknesses—and cater for them.

Meeting Both Extremes and those Between

For the Type ‘A’ go-getter it’s a matter of accepting that life does ebb and slow at times; patience is called for. Peace and spiritual harmony need to be attracted. ‘Chilling’ at those down, ebb-times is a wise move.

For the Type ‘B’ slow-getter it’s different, of course. Learning to merge and continually re-merge with the traffic in the fast lane can become an enjoyable challenge. It’s possibly about choosing the move and making it decisively, even aggressively—with account for others, of course.

God is there to assist us come to a better understanding of ourselves, and this is certainly very much in context with our worlds.

When we know ourselves around the ebb ‘n’ flow of life—and we can predict our next moves in accord with the times with some level of accuracy—we’ll be able to ride those waves more confidently.

We cannot expect our world to change. We must adapt to it.

Coursing with Life

Up and down, round and round we go... until we don’t anymore. That’s something to think about.

The times we take life for granted or gently whinge within ourselves about the common inconveniences and hassles are times when we’re looking the gift horse in the mouth. We need a reality check.

We’re robbing ourselves.

Let’s find the joy instead of the sadness with life.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on "flow" or, as you call it, "ebb and flow".

    My experience of flow (or life) is that it just does its thing, really. Some days the 'thing' agrees with us, and we're all pleased as punch with ourselves, and other days it doesn't and we're puzzled and frustrated.

    In the meantime life just 'flows', in a way - no matter how technologically advanced we get as a species - that simply cannot be controlled.

    Anyway, these are just my thoughts on your post that flowed out. I may think something completely differently tomorrow... ;-)



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