Saturday, June 19, 2010

Impending Disaster, Burgeoning Triumph!

So many times God has brought me around to this chilling truth:

If I leap over the impending disaster, the burgeoning triumph is right there in the making.

At our lowest situational or relational ebb—chided we are in our disappointment with it all—we stand merely minutes away from the brimming inspiration of recovery, if we’ll only continue going on stridently and cheerfully in our spirits.

‘Going On’

It appears, for me at least, this is a current refrain—that of ‘going on’—and it’s one I don’t apologise for; this powerfully-soaked truth stands on its own brave and capable legs.

The heavenly position for us all is the resilience, where our capacity for compromise—related specifically to our hope—is rendered null.

More positively put, we go on and on and on, as we restore this truth to our souls—having surely known it once, if only as an echo reverberating through our eternal psyche—the ‘God factor’ of reminiscence; one we’ve perhaps never quite known or perhaps forgotten.

Even More Basically Put...

This is such an important message for every human being to take hold of we’re loath to understate it in our own minds as we consider it.

As we’re trilling in our anxious moments—never knowing where ‘this terrible thing’ is taking us—we remind ourselves that we are safe.

Forcing, as a nature—but never in terms of our relationships with others—is the way through all our tumults. Forcing the will to surrender—an incredibly paradoxical suggestion—is central. We take hold of two dichotomous truths simultaneously, holding a beautiful tension:

1) That we can go on over this; and,

2) That we can accept anything, come what may.

Both require strength for the moment: the first pure pluck; the second a swarming faith.

Fear enrols us in self-deceit—we doubt our positive beliefs and we’re confounded and stunned.

Two Eternally Grand Activities

Two great activities of the heart and mind are needed:

1) Awareness that fear is sweeping over us—that it’s a scam; and,

2) Action upon receipt of the awareness—one of deliberate and intentional courage—to change the internal ‘circumstances’ hemming us in. This has nothing whatsoever to do with what is actually happening external to us—that which we have little or no control over.

Never Forget

We’re bought by God. We have strength in reserve shaped to our taste if we’ll only collect it from store.

What we will do if we’re so inclined is take now (and whenever we need) that which is always ours—and always has been.

“In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

~John 16:33b (NIV).

This is a remarkable ‘overcoming’ truth to the saving of our momentary souls.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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