Monday, June 28, 2010

The Gumption to Start Over

“Vitality shows not only in the ability to persist, but in the ability to start over.”

~F. Scott Fitzgerald.

We’ll so often laud the person persisting to the detriment, often, of the one showing the equivalent pluck, and this of salient wisdom, to begin again, to start over.

To start over takes humility and, in that, honesty. It’s to the genesis of thought that springs from knowing at once—or finally, at last—that things have gone far enough in their present state and that change is necessary.

Enter the Resolve of the Will

Once the situational environment has been considered, and a decision reached, the will is then invested toward commitment; the acquisition of the change itself.

The will facilitates the desire of change. It remains intact whilst the attention is bound within a flurry—the torment of discomfort as new things are tried.

The will is capable and engineered to maintain resolve. It makes itself a promise and has the potential to endure, not with things that have ‘always been’ so much, but with new things. The will is shaped to the need of the mind, body and soul—the human being it represents.

Instances of Courage

For anyone that’s gone ‘in’ and considered change—and this precludes none of us—there is a moment or even two or more where courage is needed; this is the rearguard enabling the will.

Reinforcing tenuous moments (or instances) where the will quivers; this, again, is courage’s role. In this it has no peer.

But, courage must be led; well-versed as it were... it requires a well-ordered, disciplined, and justly-informed faith.

Finally, Faith

Courage, realistically, has no idea without the necessary basis of faith.

Instances and possibilities of good faith or faith-not-so-good—including options between both—reveal the need, also, of faith to know a discreet and trustworthy wisdom. This counsels the purveyor of the decision.

Faith is the golden inquisition of the heart, striving for good; for a better modus operandi—even to bear the necessary pain of change.

Faith is the breathing space required—a three-month money-back guarantee or some relative equivalent—underwriting the project, giving it wings.


The ranks of insight, awareness, the will, courage and faith report for duty in cases of vitality where starting over is the wisest though grittiest move.

Point duty is assigned and each has their part. The goal is reached when each resists the temptation to insubordination. Starting over requires the due diligence of the well-oiled military machine.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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