Thursday, June 24, 2010

Conditions of Spiritual Strength

Strength abiding, the resolve of accord,

pleasure’s uniting, smiles abroad,

the Spirit attending, One simply adored,

bonds a-blending, it cannot be ignored.

Strength as this, never to be condemned,

Adding the response, a season to flow,

Quelling not the stream now as it’s stemmed,

A balance accordant, the reason to know.

Parlance­—of meaning—the concept is sure,

a matter, it is, of harmonious trust,

it takes us assuredly through life’s held door,

the product can it be, the holiest lust?

Abiding, the sense, keen to the heart,

heaven aboard, the thing to glean,

the Spirit’s whisper, where to start,

sprinkling the soul, clean and lean.

Here we are, alive, renewed,

displaying God’s power however construed,

parlay of promise, the hope imbued,

Strength of moment holds us, never unglued.


There are times when we feel as strong as an ox spiritually; a keen sense of God’s Spirit abiding in and through us. We feel awake and alive and almost as if nothing could come against us.

This Power is a Flow

We harness the condition here and this is what the poem above is about. We feel unified within; completely able to sense and enjoy the pleasure we’ve been bestowed with, for such a time as this.

And yet, at times we’ll be condemned by others for feeling strong; they’ll be threatened by the power we’ve sourced—denying it is truth. But, power like this is a flow. It cannot truly be interrupted—not of its own accord, anyway.

The power in these conditions of spiritual strength is alluring; it abides in God. As God is One, so are we.

‘Holy Lust’

What on earth is holy lust—surely an offensive oxymoron?

Not so quickly. Lust is lost in the emotion of excess love—love gone awry—it now wants what it cannot have, but it takes it anyway. And only in terms of the energy of lust... what if we approached holiness with the very same greedy vigour—is that possible? This is surely falling head-over-heels in love with God.

Power and Strength

Power is cleanness. It is a channelled energy, clean and lean.

Strength as this is built. One day upon another, the receding days attending between, we capitalise on the strong days as they do come, never looking back nor forward.

Striding through our days—bolstered in godly magnanimous strength, prepared for love—we are easily and constantly well-inspired. Life is full of meaning and hope and the threats are not seen so much fearfully, but as opportunities. And they abound, they do, every day.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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