Thursday, January 14, 2010

For Those Who Still Dare to Dream

It’s still early. The time for dreaming is still present. Though you do not presently see that thing you hope for, your time is coming when your successes and dreams will come to pass, if you would only be patient.

We see in the dreaming an opposite and scary reality, all too often, that cauldron of fear and hopelessness—that thing that takes our focus away from where it should be. It is only ever a reality for us if we give it a place. The key is banishing it where it will not help.

Big things commence from tiny beginnings. I defy you to challenge yourself on this. Think of anything you’re personally proud of. Did it not start small like a mustard seed?

In our dreaming we’re not wasting time. We’re inventing for ourselves our very own personal story of the future and this must come to us out of peace, a lack of haste... tranquillity of spirit. We’re creating identity. Our dreams attempt to entrap our purpose. And our purpose is almost everything in life.

We all have our dreams, every single one, for we are all children at heart.

Dreams are the making or breaking of us. They are crucial in the way life plays out. Our dreams encapsulate our mental, emotional and spiritual worlds, bringing intensity rendering our actual performance effective or ineffective, positive or negative. Courage and fear augment or detract from performance.

Dreams separate life from death.

Faith is the difference. We cannot succeed and live our dreams without living faithfully and expressing our faith courageously. Faith gives us the courage to do what we must do in order to succeed come what may.

Dreams are powerful. Do we ever realise how short this journey of life is? Dreams are central to establishing life for us while we are here.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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