Saturday, January 9, 2010

Becoming the Greatest “You” There Ever Was

WE grow, stagnate or die. Only one provides real living.

Most people, however, are satisfied with their mediocre lives, but some aren’t. These can’t help wanting to explore and grow. Indeed, it’s an instinctive need. Some need to self-actualise or transcend themselves. They see the wrong within and want to right it. They seek more from their lives than the ho-hum life of mere physical existence promised.

Enter the promise beyond the promise. This, in Narnian terms, is the Deeper Magic.

This is a life of going on into realities that are just as resplendently real, in fact, so much so they push us to the very personal limits of logic, reason, possibility and vision; beyond fear itself.

Ever since I can remember I’ve been a thinker on improvement. It seems to make sense to me that I’m in a paid ‘business improvement’ role. It fits. What else fits is the desire to become great—personally great; relevantly great. To make some sort of difference in life. At its very core this is about character preparation for ‘the big thing.’

Becoming the greatest “you” there ever was, is a vision of you—your very own private vision that is given to you because you asked for it—a vision for tomorrow, and all your tomorrows, both now and for the future. Perhaps you already have it.

Some people, as I’ve already alluded above, will laugh mockingly, thinking it pompous for anyone to seek to transcend themselves in this life. These are the non-believers and partakers of the Tall Poppy Syndrome and as Peter Pan’s J.M. Barrie would say they are ‘dead to their own imaginative child within’ and would want to kill yours too because their fear is threatened by it.

The child within should never die. It’s the eternal flame of the spirit. The inner child should only ever live, informing reliably the spiritually-growing adult within about ways to stay creatively alive; mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually. We forget all too easily the joys of childhood!—or should I say, the joys children should experience (far too many don’t).

These joys are our keys to transcending the world-placed limits that hang over us. It’s the anti-childhood, critical adults that quench the childlike spirit (within all people) in this world. Their ridiculous soul-crushing criticism has marred many a creative life.

And creativity is the key to belief. This is to create a sense of identity which takes a spin on the grass and sees a world full of possibility ahead and all around. It’s a 360 degree delight. It’s there if we’ll only choose to see it.

The greatest “you” can only gain some ascendency in the presence of belief, which is the opposite of mockery. It’s standing out bravely from the crowd willing to back oneself for the duration of your life. It’s a life willing to have a go.

Belief kick starts the process, but a whole world requiring the full suite of virtue covers the expanse. This world would seek to gobble us whole. Yet, a journey of a thousand miles starts with one single step. And, it is this single initial step that’s the most important, and it’s this facet of character which will carry us right the way through: faith.

Faith... belief... courage… resolve... whatever you call it, it’s yours and it awaits your decision. Yes, even now.

Embrace your tomorrows creatively. That or stagnate or die.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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