Sunday, July 5, 2015

What If Tomorrow Is Worse Than Today?

FEAR is a thing that will bring any of us to our knees in an instant — if it comes upon us in plague proportions, by every conscious and subconscious thought. But fear is much more an imagined possibility than it ever was even a distinct probability. Yet then there are fears that come real even as we think them up!
What are we to do with these types of fears?
How are we to wrestle with facts of our future (real or imagined) that breed anxious regard?
As believers we can know that the Ultimate Tomorrow is better by far than any Yesterday.
We can know that God holds our future in his hands of eternity — that, if we ply to life the resilience of trust in ways to obey the Lord, no matter what, that we will be blessed.
It is possible to act in faith when racked with fear.
It is possible to step forward, one step at a time, in courage, which is, at the very same time, chockfull with fear. One step. Then another. Then another. It is faith.
But we often become so despondent in exhaustion, which is the actuality of a lack of hope, and we give way to the easy way out — which is always harder as it works out. We begin to make excuses and we fail even our own consciences. Persisting through a lack of truth only makes us more susceptible to getting down on ourselves. As it happens, none of us are comfortable lying to others; our conscience gives us a frown and our soul is stripped of safe identity.
It is easier to make a stand against fear and do the logical thing our hearts fret for.
Not easier in the throes of the moment; but heavenly easier afterward as we relax and reflect. It is a far wiser thing to get done what needs doing. A moment of recovery — the sanctity of space — is coming.
If tomorrow is worse than today, let that just be the case. We cannot afford to worry about tomorrow. It will be its own challenge, as today is.
Why bring forth that which is just a figment so as to spoil today’s moment?
Fear is life’s input into the doubting mind and scared heart. Yet life is life. It is neither for us nor against us. But God is for us when we are doing his bidding. So let life be life. We have courage enough for the next step. That is all that counts.
If tomorrow is worse than today, let us just enjoy today to the maximum. And let God prove those fears awry.
Let God have yesterday as we take hold of today. And let God keep tomorrow safe from our clutches as we make the most of the day.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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