Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Nearer Brokenness, the Nearer Healing and Wholeness

THERE are times when we may seriously wonder if the mess we made of our lives can ever be repealed, when, in fact, we are fairer on ourselves, we know it has been — not the consequences, but the effect. “We’ve been forgiven, we’ve been set free” as the song says. But ever more we find this true in our actual lived experience: we have been made whole through the filling of our voids of self by the glorious most healing light of God.
We cannot help it if we suffered the folly of a life partially wasted. What is, is. But we also cannot help it if we have never suffered such follies that rend our lives harmonious. If life hasn’t besmirched us to the degree of suffering, is that our fault? Not at all.
Yet, the person who has never suffered fits neatly the older brother’s image and the one who has suffered is the proverbial Prodigal Son. The one who has never suffered — or who has suffered and became hard as a result — comes to resent the fact that God has healed the one who suffered and remained soft. This explains much of the chagrin in the Christian landscape of things. Yet it is neither’s fault. The enemy has a field day simply because God makes generous compensation for anyone who suffers well. Both have voids to be filled — one is crushed in their softness, whilst the other is crushed to make them soft. And only God may fill them both.
God of heaven and earth,
My Provider of divine rebirth,
Only you have power to heal,
Power of truth to help me be real.
You target my empty void,
Saving me from being destroyed,
You come in and heal and fill,
And in chaos I can come and be still.
We Must Be Emptied In Order to Be Filled
Life can only begin when life has ended. When life has ended, and nothing bargains our way out, then and only then are we ready with nothing of our own to contribute.
This is an important lesson; we learn it once, yet we do, if we are wise, learn it again and again. We become knowledgeable of one thing: we can only be filled if we are empty.
The nearer we are to our broken selves, the nearer we are to our healed and whole self.
Brokenness is a sign of a healing about to take place. It is a void for the glory of God to fill. When wholeness takes up that space, our brokenness remains, and from brokenness is made an inspirational, courageous New Creation self.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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