Friday, July 10, 2015

Divine Help When Under Spiritual Attack

THREATENED by the compassionate strength in a new believer, Satan attacks them, making life a misery, when the new believer actually stands on the precipice of God’s gorgeous truth. An experienced believer is cut down by a grief attending that will not let go, and the experienced believer is tempted to give up on life.
When we are at our greatest potential to produce for the Kingdom of God we are also most at risk of spiritual attack. Satan need not attack a believer who is dormant in effect. Satan need not waste his time on a believer who is daily aware of his wiles.
But the believer who is on the cusp of defeating one of the evil one’s plans; that believer will be attacked.
The truth of matters, so far as spiritual attack, is this:
You can be brave even though you may be weak.
You can be strong even when your life is bleak.
You are who God loves even if you have no hope.
You are who God loves even when you do not cope.
Where there is awareness there can be a counterattack. We don’t counterattack ever from strong positions, however. We counterattack out of weakness, from the perspective of bleakness, when there is no vision for hope, when we cannot even hope to cope.
But we often need to be told how and when and why to counterattack—told by the Holy Spirit, not by a human voice, but sometimes through a human voice.
Awareness of attack is the most crucial thing.
When we are aware that the profusion of chaos in the events before us could be explained by spiritual attack we are greatly advantaged. Suddenly everything is explicable. Just that the matters of pandemonium could be the enemy interrupting the flow of God’s goodness in our lives should make us wary.
The most important step in repelling spiritual attack has already been taken in simply becoming aware. There is no need to fret in knowing Satan has attacked us; there are thousands of other attacks occurring in our world at the same time. The enemy is no respecter of persons. But we must take action.
Praying for the evil force to depart in Jesus’ name is always a good first step. But it shouldn’t be the only action we take. Whatever the enemy is trying to upset needs to be continued, and sometimes differently, but very much in the spirit of being gentle though determined, of being humble though resolute.
Satan rattles believers rendering them weak, but glory to God; through weakness is great strength in Jesus’ name.
Divine help comes through surrendering to our weakness; to feel what we really feel. That is sadness instead of anger, and joy because of what God has already done through Jesus.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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