Monday, July 20, 2015

From Days of Disaster to the Day of Delight

THOUSANDS of days make their way through the experience of our existence.
We are ever impacted by our days. Through our days here on earth we are ensconced to live life whether we wish to or not. There are many days when we would honestly determine not to be here. But there is also a nudge at this time from a presence somewhere deep inside us that we are not taking everything into account.
Sometime later all is well. We may well wonder, as in a mystery, what all the fuss was about. Don’t worry, the same cycles are destined to repeat themselves, time after time. We won’t miss a thing — more, in some ways, is the pity.
Some days are disastrous. What starts out well deteriorates in a flash of news or what starts out poorly does not improve. Sometimes bad days follow sad ones. Sometimes our anger flares up and we wonder in reflection where it came from — there’s an unacknowledged sadness deeper beneath.
Whatever lurks darker down is a remnant of that which craves the Day of Delight, and there can be only one of that type.
It is a thing we all look forward to eagerly, yet we still so ardently hunger for more in this life.
The sadness in our days of disaster reminds us that we are not there yet — our foibles, follies and failures, the angst that others give us, the pain of enduring what we cannot deny we hate — all these things — propel us to imagine a better reality. We cannot help to hope for something better; that which is just over the horizon.
So where does this leave us?
We have the disaster in the day with which to contend with; to make something worthwhile out of something downright destructive. It seems an impossibility. But we awaken the day following resolved to do better, despite what we feel. We must fight and we do. Destiny is in our hands.
Days of disaster neither characterise us as reprobate nor do they commend us to despair. They merely remind us that we are human and capable of great wrongs. That is not the end game.
Being gentle with ourselves in the midst of a day of disaster is all we can do and it is all we need to do. What is maddening cannot be understood, rationalised with or reconciled. We tie it off, say our sorry stories with authentic tenacity, and we go on trying our best again tomorrow. It is the best we can do.
Crushed by the day of disaster we praise God that we have a Day of Delight ahead. But God is even better in that he gives us a hope for delight even in this life; the concept of tomorrow.
A Trickling Thought: Tomorrow is hope when today we can’t cope.
Tomorrow is a thought to borrow,
It commends us to joy beyond sorrow,
And if tomorrow won’t lend,
God will extend,
Have hope and look forward to tomorrow.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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