Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Best Day Ever After the Worst Day Ever

GIVING up is such a strong option one day, then, with the healing power of God, through surrendering, we are raised the day following. It is almost a routine phenomenon for me. It is a learned state of enduring what cannot be reconciled in the given day. Enduring such a day is simply about letting it happen.
New Year’s Day 2015 was one such memorable day where — for even a ten-minute period — I was caught up in such a spiritual attack I seriously questioned my life. The day was one of my worst. I was so viscerally discouraged, so betwixt and between, given a circumstance or three that had overwhelmed me. Yet, my life overall was replete with hope.
What had happened that took me so far out to sea? Well, “what” is less of a help than “why?”
Why do we fall for bad days that are harsh upon our experience; where our very existence is drawn into question; when we cannot bear the contemplations of life?
And still more an important question than “why” is “how do we reconcile the day?” How are we to make the very most of something utterly bleak?
That January 1st would be blotted out of my book if I’d have any say over it; yet, to do that would miss something profound in the land of revelation borne of my Lord.
January 2nd came. It came and I was a different man. Though I stumbled on that fateful Thursday, Friday beckoned, as if by delivery that was prophesied from the Ancients. My life would be okay. Though I stumbled one day, the next would not see me fall.
God delivers us when we don’t rally against him.
God takes what was interminable — a sullied existence — and makes of it what he will, if we are prepared to look in the mirror and admit, “I am not enough, yet you are, my Lord!”
The best day ever follows the worst day ever simply because hope for life returns. Yesterday hope was vanquished. Today is new and pitch darkness is but a memory.
To reconcile the day to hope is to move past what was.
To bring justice to the present we simply say in our soul, “God, you are enough. I have no further demands for life. Make of this day in my midst what you will.”
When we willingly smile into a mirror, despite the longing of the day, we find our souls saying, “God, you are enough for me.” Everything is ordered from there.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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