Thursday, March 12, 2015

What Self-Fulfilling Prophesy Are You Curating?

Much thinking is good, but, with much thought inevitably comes a fall into the pit of despair. The capacities of the mind’s heart are not so easily overwhelmed, but when they are, great is that collapse!
The shimmering beauty of the mind rendered obedient to the development of virtue.
The dark disgust of a mind given over to the realm of evil; the production of hate.
The horrible waste of a mind sacrificed to the gods of games and recreation in the name of relaxation — to the ends of nothing.
And the splendiferous majesty in a mind of the one who hears God’s call for their life and thinks with purpose to strive for that destiny.
What do we consume ourselves with in our thought lives?
What is it we spend most of our time thinking about? Is it the share price, or the temperature tomorrow, or of delusions of grandeur, or the sensibilities of space? Is it the glory of God’s creation, how you’ll get through the week without money, or why life has come to be the way it has? Maybe it’s the fact of your busyness and tiredness? It could be your unbridled joy — thankfulness for such a season. Perhaps it’s envying and striving and cursing that has your cognitive attention. You may just be tired of thinking. Or it could be that you’ve striven to overcome the propensity to analyse everything, and you’ve found some strategies that work? Have I nailed it, or is there something else? You’re obsessed about a relationship issue; something that’s not quite right, irredeemable, scary, or unjust... perhaps.
The point I’m trying to illustrate is, if we are to pounce upon the capacity of our thinking to help us in the way we are going, we need to become aware of the thoughts we are preoccupied by.
What we think about most will influence us incredibly.
If we are virtuous in a feministic way, where we defend the rights of women, if we haven’t handled our own brokenness we may well be tarred with the wrong brush. We see this being done and it reinforces our worldview: “Men are pigs.” But if we are a man, beaten down by a life where “everything goes to the woman,” we are bound to attract a reputation as angry and obtuse.
What he and she are broken by, and are still resistant to be healed of, becomes their worldview, and they come across as damaged goods. And every time they come to be “judged” they find themselves further and further pigeonholed. They hate what they have become deep down, but they are equally unable to claw their way out.
It is best to make our thoughts captive to Christ; to debunk our baggage; to seek his healing touch.
When our thoughts become healthy, we begin to nurture a productive self-fulfilling prophesy for our lives.
What we ponder most becomes us. Ponder God. Become God’s you.
© 2015 S. J. Wickham.

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