Friday, March 13, 2015

Hold On, Hold Fast, Breathe, Keep Stepping

Never think that this literature, below, is navel-gazing stuff. There is a whirlwind for one and a torrent for another. Whether we are buffeted into oblivion by the whirlwind or swept away with the torrent matters little — the same consequence is borne.
It comes to most at least once in their lives... great pressure and strain, with pain unrivalled in previous experience. We feel worse than death, for in death at least the pain is over.
Something never leaves you,
As you boldly face the dark,
Uncertainties may be stark,
But God holds you ever true.
Silent faith it faithfully stands,
Humbly meek yet ever so strong,
The pain may well be long,
But our lives are in God’s hands.
And what of this noxious pain,
Just how will we contend?
Let’s certainly not pretend,
So as to let this evil reign!
Loneliness there it’s borne,
In the depths of this wry grief,
No sure direction to relief,
Left groaning and forlorn.
Now we may also see,
How the tumult of dire being,
Is the precursor of a state that’s freeing,
Ironically it’s the place to be!
Hold on in that hope,
For all this, too, shall pass,
God will turn around this farce,
If only in between we can cope.
Don’t give up in the trial,
Don’t despair when all at sea,
Afloat He will ensure you’ll be,
His covenant He’ll not defile.
Let’s surrender all our baggage,
So God can bring around our ship,
Stiffen the bottom lip,
And don’t allow Satan to disparage!
As one day makes for night,
And we rest there humbly content,
Life is much more than lament,
When we believe in the Saviour’s light.
Faith will do with the impossible what is only possible with God.
And, whilst we necessarily fall in love with this sort of hope-fuelled literature, there is a purpose in it, at least for the present season — be it a day, a month, a year, a life.
There is no estimating what God will do for the person who has suffered for his Name’s sake. Don’t we think that bearing our weaknesses patiently will get us a reward? Surely it will. One hundred fold will be the reward for the losses incurred in this life, with rewards gained here, but with persecutions, said Jesus (Mark 10:29-30).
Jesus never promises us a trouble-free life; indeed, he promises trouble! But he was also overcome the world! (John 16:33)
© 2015 S. J. Wickham.

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