Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Spirit Who Is With Us In Truth

Reflecting on a conversation with one I consider the epitome of men, I felt hurried in my responses to his questions as to “how things are.” As a result I offered a mishmash of answers, part truths, due to good intent, were the best of it.
Some questions — particularly the answers of which may most betray our truth, and hence our cause, because they are not thought over — require more deliberate consideration.
Whenever we cannot fundamentally represent the truth — because we are hurried and feel there isn’t the time, or if we feel guilty or ashamed for some reason, or we are tired, etc. — the Spirit’s Presence might as well have departed.
The Holy Spirit will only abide in us to the extent of truth. The Spirit of Truth gives us cues and motives to speak our truth, but we must trust his Presence and act out the divine nudge we have borne.
We know it is God’s Spirit leading us when we obey with conviction and poise. We should only ask a question in public if we genuinely seek the answer. Sometimes I’ve been tempted to ask a question to show off some way. But the lack of authenticity shown has meant there was a lack of conviction and poise in my delivery of what I said. I was acting not as an agent of my own carefully nurtured truth. Such contriving faith is the sin of attention; the seeking of approval.
But, the Holy Spirit will make it certain what a believer is to do.
If we do what the Spirit tells us, we abide to the truth in us, but if we do not do it, we betray our very own truth. In effect, we, of our subconscious and our own integrity with ourselves, judge ourselves.
This is not to say that there are not times when the Spirit might nudge us for someone else.
The context of this article, though, is the communication of the Spirit in and through a believer, for that believer’s own obedience — for Truth has spoken.
To enjoy the Holy Spirit’s empowering we must first honour our truth. The truth that is revealed to us by the Holy Spirit.
God’s Presence is manifest powerfully when we are at accord with his revealed truth in us.
1.     When do you find it hardest to obey God’s call to speak or act out the truth he’s spoken to you? When is it easiest?
2.     Ideally, we are to wait until the Spirit calls us to speak. How easy or hard is it for you to restrain yourself? Have you experienced this calling nudge, and, if so, how?
© 2015 S. J. Wickham.

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