Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Father and Mother Heart of God In Grief Through Love

Grief is the child of love — and, in that way — love bears what grief brings.
Love is the parent, so love does what needs to happen to ensure grief isn’t left stranded. Love is necessarily strong, but not in the traditional way. It is strong in the way of God. Love is God.
The Father Heart of God is all-powerful, all-wise, and all-loving. The Mother Heart of God is all-tender, all-nurturing, and all-providing. God is all these, indeed, everything.
The Father Heart of God in grief through love is the empowerment to get through a self-perceived hell. God is our righteousness. He will not let us down if we obey him by joining right action with his blessed intent over our lives. God is the Lord of the heavens, the Lord Almighty. Nothing is beyond his touch. He sees everything and knows everything, and everything will be repaid. He who does not leave nor forsake us will get us every last inch of justice, if not now, in the time to come. His righteousness underpins his justice. In this justice there is a safe and provident love.
The Mother Heart of God in grief through love is the equipping of the sufferer, and their encouragement. God as Mother cannot let us go without what we need. God provides and heals. God is present. God is our peace. God is practical. As we devote ourselves to this peculiarly maternal shape of love, we notice that our cooperation with the Father’s will bequeaths us the blessings of the mother’s touch. In the nurture of God — that which perfects every depth of kindness in a mother’s love — is the sense that God never lets go, and is ever reliable like the best of mothers is.
God is the completeness of love, as also love is the completeness of God. Love is perfection sacrificed for imperfection. Love is so devoid of fear, but replete with wisdom, that if treads boldly and securely exactly where it should.
If grief is the child of love, love must be strong to bear it.
Love never gives up and never lets up. It continues patiently and faithfully no matter how unfaithful and impatient her children are.
Grief is the reality of the pain having been birthed because love was lost. Yet, love is so perfect it cannot resent grief, because it is one of her precious children.
Love suffers the bruising incredulity of loss meekly by soothing the pain through acceptance. Love wishes to do a work of acceptance in every one of us.
If life was fair it would not give us over to grief, but, then again, without grief there can be no love! And with no love there is no life.
© 2015 S. J. Wickham.

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