Monday, March 16, 2015

Enduring the Tests of Life Tougher Than Any We’ve Faced

Courage is a virtue that comes into its own when we need it; not beforehand. It stays dormant until the time of testing arrives. And though we may hardly ascribe our responses to the tests of life as “courageous,” the simple fact of our being under trial is the very testimony of courage — to withstand the temptation to give up by giving in.
Tests have about them the character of burden to the extreme. It is rubbish that ‘God won’t allow us to be tested beyond what we are capable’. That’s an awful representation of Paul’s 1 Corinthians 10:13.
The truth is we are blessed to finally be overtaken by testing, for finally we discover we cannot do this life on our own. It never feels good in the process, however, and that which is excruciating is ultimately the making of us, spiritually.
It is never a good thing that a life would go untested. Most of us cannot learn proper empathy until we have passed through the flames of our very own incineration. There are some, however, who are blessed with such empathy and compassion to not need humbling. That certainly wasn’t me!
God will get our attention one way or another if we are genuinely his subjects. In a massive irony, God will show lesser interest in the ‘Christian’ (of appearance) than a Christian who has avowed to growth. Shudder to think that we pray very serious prayers of discipleship to then be tested.
But now this: Christian character must be tested. Testing is the approval process.
I have written a little poem on the present subject below:
The biggest fight for life,
Isn’t against a treacherous foe,
It’s the battle of inner strife,
Within each of us we should know.
Not depending anymore,
On our strength of independence,
It’s shattered what’s more,
Upon God now is our dependence.
Finally life starts again,
From safer and certain ground,
Better women and men,
Upon God we are finally found!
Faith’s biggest test,
Isn’t borne on the wings of ease,
Faith comes out best,
When it’s only God that we please.
So it beggars our belief,
Now to stand up in the trenches,
To rely on God what’s more,
On Him alone who avenges.
Against the flow of sense,
Our faith learns to stand on its feet,
Only faith withstands offence,
Learning to sit still within our seat.
Despite threats of insane thought,
Where clamour and despair are ours,
Recall the price with which we were bought,
Endure through the darkest hours.
© 2015 S. J. Wickham.

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