Friday, January 2, 2015

What We All Live So Passionately For

Dreams. We all have them. Dreams are much more powerful and deeply indentured in our souls than goals are. We are all indelibly sold to our dreams!
Something that melts us at our core is the very thought that one day, one tremendous hour, one solitary quarter hour, we could attain to that which we have always lived for.
This thing is also the greatest fear we have. We feel worthless when our dreams are shattered. Such smallness is so undignifying, yet our world only affords rare opportunities at the sort of spiritual riches of a dream come true.
When we dare to dream of the unknown it’s like spreading the wings of possibility and God is always on the side of faith-inspired hope.
Dreaming with the gaited candour of an eternal spirit is every person’s divine right, role and responsibility. Only we can do it for ourselves – which is but taking God at his Word: nothing is impossible for God.
When we grace our natural talents with a work ethic prepared to anything it takes, these are the ploys of humanity. But such ploys are nothing really without the Spiritual sponsorship of God.
God is for us!
Let it sink in. If we have a dream, and that dream means we itch with irritability any time we are not working on that dream, then perhaps the dream is a destiny.
Maybe we are destined to work the dream and be penniless if need be. When dream becomes devotion and attitude becomes action we are on our way. Nothing can hold us back. We are living the life.
It’s what we all live for.
Living to work can seem such a drone, but if it’s a labour of love and a passion of presence then we have a good reason to work our fingers to the bone.
We all have a right to have a dream. It’s why we become so passionate, even to the point of losing sleep, anxiously betwixt, and unable to keep whatever seems unnatural.
The dream is not only a right, it’s a role. We have come to be here, to take up our parts as members of humanity, to make a difference in the only ways we can – by using all our talent, heart, and ingenuity.
It is right to have a dream, and God has made it that we won’t be content until we admit its importance and search out the dream.
© 2015 S. J. Wickham.

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