Sunday, January 18, 2015

Free of Mind, Joy to Find

Courage is waking into a nightmare, seeking God for the rectification, and deciding to act.
Courage takes us from the chasm of the abyss into a lusher heartland of salubrious content, but not without negotiating much threatening terrain on the way.
Waking is an unknown; the subconscious is the operating system until the conscious mind can gain a grip of awareness, where awareness is key:
Some mornings I wake,
And need to say, “For goodness sake!
Step out of this messy thinking,”
But then somehow I’m stirred,
By God I know I’m heard,
He Who lifts me out of my sinking.
Just how does this work? It is the matter of awareness that gives us the impetus and persuasion to do something different. We only need to be aware of the chasm – its presence before us and its passage into the abyss – and then to choose courage and we have everything we need. And God is our awareness.
He Who steps with us is with us, always.
To be stirred within – and to know that stirring is the Holy Spirit in me – is of great comfort. I don’t fix myself, God fixes me.
More often these days I’m given to wonderful thoughts of plans for the day upon waking. What a ‘lucky’ life. But I’m still reminded every now and then, as the subconscious claws its way into conscious being, that I’m at the mercy of my circumstances – that I’m not so ‘mature’ as to “consider it pure joy” when I suffer trials of many kinds.
How thankful I ought to be. But I, like you I suspect, am prone to forgetting the place of gratitude for my life.
Freedom of mind is joy to find.
And to gain that freedom it’s up to me to arrest that thinking, first by awareness, because God has stirred me, and secondly by courage to make a decision.
The decision to walk into the light, away from the abyss, is soaked in wisdom.
Awareness of the light and the courage to walk: these are what we need. God procures the first, and I must decide for the second. I add to God’s faithfulness my faithfulness to obey.
1.     What do you struggle with most: awareness or courage?
2.     How does God stir you? How do you decide to break free of messy thinking?
3.     What are you grateful for, today?
© 2015 S. J. Wickham.

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