Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Holding On In the Early Days of Goal Fulfilment

New Year brings the opportunity for a new start – to shelve the failures of past to reach the goal or goals we’ve richly striven for but fell short of.
Early going can be hard. Days after we commence a new endeavour, no matter how much we looked forward to beginning, we found ourselves in a lonely predicament; it was a great deal harder than anticipated.
The early days on the journey to goal fulfilment are about continually reminding ourselves to stop thinking about what we are missing out on – because what we are missing out on is more misery, more wasted time, and ultimately more pain.
We can leave that alone, surely.
The way we think and what we think about is crucial.
Goal fulfilment is very much about setting up a new mental environment; about creating a new emotional and spiritual environment to counter the loneliness involved in creating a new normal.
As each day passes on a new journey closer into view comes destiny.
As the days surrender their brightness to the coming horizon, we thank God for his strengthening to get us through the difficult parts of the day. As the day is birthed in blazing sunshine, we seek and call to God: “Help me, again, Lord!”
One day at a time, if we will count them, we develop confidence the longer we go.
With each day put into the shelf of the memory the journey looks more like what we wanted it to feel like.
We need everything set up for us to win when it comes to achieving a goal; yet, there’s the very real possibility that our goals are achieved very much more when the early going is messy.
When we have a hiccup, a short period of straying from the vein of progress, we often gradually compromise more. We lose our fight to get back on track. We think that “Oh, well, I can afford to do this...”
But we can’t afford the fuller compromise. A brain fade we can handle, but to clamp down and get re-focused before the fuller slide into a crazy compromise; that’s wisdom.
Destiny is within the grasp of the common person.
Destiny is within the grasp of the person who makes good decisions that align with the vision they have set for themselves.
God will honour the actions that mirror good intent.
God is with us and for us as we do all we can to achieve our goal.

© 2015 S. J. Wickham.

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