Saturday, January 10, 2015

No Time for Resentment, Time Only for Reconciliation

Urgency necessitates action where the length of time is unknown.
Life is but short; no time can be afforded but for the indulgence of real sorry, or contests upon questions seriously momentous. Let us not throw away any of our days upon useless resentment, or contend who shall hold out longest in stubborn malignity. It is best not to be angry; and best, in the next place, to be quickly reconciled.
— Samuel Johnson
It is a serious challenge to our pride to reconcile the idea of relational reconciliation in all circumstances. Only the person given to humility can overcome the temptation of pride that breeds and broods with anger.
I must contend against myself of the times more recent when these contests of pride and humility have taken their toll.
It is not easy living the relational life where there are always seemingly high stakes. Where stakes are high, there go the emotions, and commitments are often made rashly.
Once a commitment is made it is doubly hard for the pride to rescind the error.
We are counselled well to take none of life so seriously that we lock ourselves in, unless, on the circumstances, once or thrice in a lifetime, of a meta-cause. If we will give ourselves to a purpose, then that will take us into seriousness, but we must regulate the emotions that will carry us through the journey.
Many reminders of our proclivity to anger are necessary.
Anger rises, sometimes, and most dangerously, against the flow of our joy. It surprises us when we deny how we truly feel.
Time is a great healer only if we will surrender ourselves to what we cannot control.
We waste our time on the pettiness of emotions astray.
Common sense may not be very common, but if we make reflection common we are sure to grow in sense.
There is no time for resentment, only time for reconciliation.
But, of course, not only is that easier said than done, it’s also something we need to learn the hard way.
Most of us need to waste some of our time on the uselessness of paddling against the current of our circumstances – to experience the folly of contriving a result we cannot achieve – before we finally learn it’s hopeless.
Let us enjoy every moment of life free of anger toward others. Let us quickly go to them who we are angry with and forgive them. Because we can. Because their power over us is then finished.
Declare war on resentment by uniting the will to reconcile with the joy of purpose.
The war of life is waged over time. Time we win or lose. There’s no time for resentment.
© 2015 S. J. Wickham.

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