Thursday, January 8, 2015

Peace and Joy By Staying Present

The forefront of our thinking is paramount to our experience of life.
None of us go into life prepared to accept a reality devoid of peace and joy. However we define these two that go together, we seek to satisfy them with everything we have.
One of the facts of peace and joy, though, is they are spiritual designates; they don’t operate apart from the relational aspect of life. In other words, those who value the good things, like love and respect, attract the felt experience of peace and joy.
Peace and joy, as a package, rely on the focusing of our awareness on the present.
Peace and joy will last,
When you’re present in your mind,
So in being present now be cast,
And peace and joy you’ll find.
Staying in the present seems easy in theory, but it isn’t mastered without a great deal of practice. So, let us continue to practice being present until it becomes a competency.
Staying present isn’t only about being present; it’s very importantly about focusing our thinking on what is wonderful and beautiful. And there is plenty of that to see. What comes in about now is the value of perspective – how we see things.
It would be an insanity to think we could experience peace and joy by remaining chaotically-minded or negative. Keeping the thought life clear and simple is another key.
Scattered thinking is an enemy of mindfulness.
And at times mindfulness is beyond us. But it pays to persist. The rest we so desire in order to get mindful, in order to be present, in order to experience peace and joy, is sometimes just a little time away.
Much of life,
Can be a struggle to cope,
But we hold on,
Because our faith says, “Hope!”
So, when we come,
To survive the test,
We tell ourselves,
“Soon we’ll rest!”
Patience isn’t hard if we know relief is in sight. And, because time is relative, we might look forward hours or days for the time to enter that rest we yearn for.
Keeping the present in mind is such an aid to the whole of our lives.
As we make a commitment to refocusing on being present, positive, and retaining perspective, we have access to peace and joy. We are not plagued by the unusable past or the unknown future. We operate with our full conscious minds enabled to the possibilities of our creative thoughts designed with an eye on innovation.
Being present, focused positively, and a retained perspective: peace and joy are secured.
Maintain mindfulness. Actuate the awareness. Participate in being present.
© 2015 S. J. Wickham.

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