Monday, May 2, 2011

Winning the War for the Soul

“The most important of life’s battles is the one we fight daily in the silent chambers of the soul.”

~David O. McKay.

For the grace that is in God we do not easily know how much the Lord fought for, and won, our souls from bankruptcy. It is not natural for us to think in these ways — that God is after us with such intent to heal and restore us.

And this healing restoration is not just via some banal sense for life in eternity — if that could even be considered “banal” — it is healing, flowing and constant, for this life and the days to come, and surely then for the days that have been.

God intends on annihilating the present swath and dregs of the wounded soul for which we all have — certainly via their effects on us.

There are two realms of Battle: one where war is over; the other where battles still ensue.

War is Over

We can thank God that the tremulous events for the saving of our souls have taken place — if we’re saved in and of Jesus.

“It is finished,” Jesus uttered affirmatively on the cross. (John 19:30)

Still, with the war over there are still skirmishes that break out; a ubiquitous threat and one we’re blessed to be cautious of. One of the blessings of salvation is truer knowledge of good and evil as they pervade.

The Battle Ensuing

Aware are we now as to the plot of Satan who’s ever-present, and at home in this world. The evil one is sown into the world and is of it; a fact we cannot escape.

Yet, it’s only through the process of Spiritual salvation — the war over — that we can even be aware of Satan’s wiles. We’re not fearful, just wary.

Satan will not just use satanic attack, but the world and all its temptations and our desires to boot. Cunning in deceit there are ways he’ll ensnare the wisest of people. Recall pride precedes the fall.

This battle is one of attrition and hardly ever outright attack. We must be on constant prudent guard for the slightest ambush, but then we must also be prepared to accept God’s prevailing peace. That involves trust.

Quietness of Soul

What all this battling means at a practice-level is the unsettling of our souls. Only we as individual persons know truly how much the battle’s running at or costing us, though others will no doubt see its effects.

It’s quietness of soul that every spiritual person seeks. They pursue rest, and from rest they act with humble confidence and certitude in their world. Their ideas are right-sized and they love generously as they’re led by the Spirit of God.

This is about peace to sow a life that’s worthy of themselves and their God. And peace is a palace of safety for all to come.

May they find it in you. May we find it in the Lord our God.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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