Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Resolving Fear – Closing the Gate to Regret

As we consider, in reflection, with the passing of one full day, we can easily experience the pangs of regret because we didn’t attend earlier to our feelings of fear.

It is good, therefore, to understand that when we don’t deal with our fear that rises early in the day we’re bound to form regrets, whether consciously or unconsciously, later that day or sometime else.

So, we can see what starts as fear, and continues that way, ends up in the outcome of regret.

What Does Fear Look Like?

Fear can be likened to an abject lack of humility or, in more plain terms, we’re more self-conscious than we would normally be and this hinders us, propelling us to be too self-aware, and possibly self-critical.

Humility is a focus not so much on self, but others equally also. It takes things as they actually are, not inflating them because the ego is vulnerable.

Fear is experienced, therefore, when we have lost right and objective sight, and our world looks slightly askew. As looking through a lens in a camera, the view would seem distorted, a bit like one of those funny photos that show us out of proportion.

The cause of fear, of course, is something or some things that we are not dealing with at truth.

Honesty, and Early

Our best ally in the presence of fear is to dwell in truth.

This is not always easy because we’re not always aware. So awareness must precede the willingness to act forthrightly to dispel the fear.

We’re therefore aware of any emotional reactions, especially those in the negative. As we’re responding in hurry or compulsion, or any other forced response, we can know that fear is pushing us forward.

Being emotional is another tell-tale sign that fear is controlling us, as if pulling our puppet strings.

The skills of awareness are our best gift at this point, because if we’re aware we still have time to change, and right the day. Therefore, honesty is a form of courage to change tack from the perilous course we were on.

Reflecting Over Poignant Moments

The capacity for reflection is awesome for those who both practice it and have earlier experienced this abovementioned truth of awareness of their fear.

It’s usually a moment when we bravely decided to let go in the face of the truth that we understand that that moment changed our day. And for this we’re thankful to God for insight and the courage to change.

Very plainly put, we grow massively when we frequently experience these sorts of poignant moments, joining one to another and so on.

Best still we have a way of preventing regret. Truth, honesty and courage all come together, in one moment of reason, and they take us to victory over not only our fear, but our whole day also.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

Graphic Credit: Rebecca White/deathtopanic.

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