Sunday, May 8, 2011

Evangelism – Repentance, Timing and Respect

How can we evangelise those who are still spiritually unsure or opposed so far as God’s concerned? Whether we love them or not we can only ask God to open their hearts to the truth that will free them; to convince them that there’s something infinitely better; that refining of their spiritual understanding.

We implore God for the insight of truth to be theirs.

Appointing the Right Focus

Until such a time we save our efforts and energy — so far as spirituality, theology and truth’s concerned — for the already repentant; those God has opened the hearts and minds of.

Having room for the repentant is seeing the transformation-of-heart as the only qualifier for that type of talk and holy consideration.

Otherwise we simply love the best we can.

Being Real Otherwise

For those who the jury is still out for, so far as God is concerned, we are to be weirdly peaceable and anything but ‘spiritual’. Real people we’ll be who can develop rapport without effort, forcing nothing, allowing God to be in us. We hide not our weakness; indeed, we glory in it, but in truth and humility, or we’ll be seen as fools.

To be seen as a fool would obviously be very counter-productive so far is preaching the gospel is concerned.

Gently Leading Where Hearts Appear Ready

There are those people who are already repentant, yet they don’t know it or God. But they’re seeking. We journey with them toward the hope of salvation. God can forgive and heal; satisfy and relieve. These are the portents we want people to see as by-products of faith in God; not through words, but via experience, so it’s made real for them.

We seek, gently, for them to see the oasis in the desert; the flushing spring in a parched land.

We desire their souls quenched. This desire drives us to tread in the wisdom of the fear of the Lord.

Doing God’s bidding is knowing when to step in, or step out of the way.

Above all, Respect

Who knows when’s the right time and the right way to lead people either to God or further on their journey toward him.

We can only rely on the Spirit of God; that is the leading we desire.

This Spirit is never forceful, never coercive or manipulative, always respectful. He always knows who will turn and when. We will never know this, nor do we need to know, for our task is not to fret about those not making it into the kingdom of God, but just to be wholly diligent.

Free will is a gift of God, the highest demonstration of his awesome love for our humanity. It is our role to understand this and to respect it.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.


  1. This is so well written Steve, I'll be sharing it and using it as a reminder. Thank you!

  2. Thank you, Mystic Mom! I always appreciate your kind feedback.


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