Wednesday, May 11, 2011

God’s Got Something Better In Mind

The will of God is faultless. We notice this truth when we consider the following thought:

Whenever things seem to go against us it’s only ever a temporary blow; that is, if we always remember God’s got something better in mind — for us, our situations, and the complications we commonly grapple with.

God desires for us to have the best of the best, but our problem is we’re often imploring our Lord to give us what we think is the best. Oftentimes what we think is the best is the inferior thing. We know this in retrospect; with the benefit of perfect 20/20 hindsight, and not before.

But we should know this; we’ve seen it recur many times; still we want what we want, or what we’ve lost or missed out on, and we want it now.

Beyond Rejections

Rejection is never the end of the story. It’s the beginning of the best kind of God-sponsored story with our names written all over it.

Rejection is merely the activator of the blessings of God, stirring the Almighty to the boldness of eventual, Divine action.

As we accept the rejections coming our way, knowing it’s not the end of the story, we remain open to the Redemption Song; the action of our Lord.

When we take this theory to the extremes we find nothing can beat us or get us down for long. We’re indomitable as we sit at peace with the will of the Lord that seems to be against us, but is only testing our strength; our faith in God.

The Christian’s key task is to never forget this truth, certainly so far as they’re able, for we’re all liable to forget how faithful God is. We forget that God’s timeframe is different to ours. It’s the right one.

What Comes After

Understanding that failure, fatigue, trial and oppression precede the blessings of God helps us understand that these are actually essential precursors along the road of the resilient life.

It’s the truth to say, God’s got something better in mind for each of our lives. Ours is to have a faith to remain confident in the will of God to redeem us, at the right time.

So we don’t give up; we look up. We don’t sulk; we smile. We don’t insist on our own way; we accept God’s way.

We focus firmly on the future, but concentrate diligently also on what we can influence in the present. And in all this we praise God by the insight of patience, which is the Lord’s wisdom known to us.

No matter what we’re sad or sorry about, God’s got something better in mind.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

Graphic Credit: Turn Back to God.

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