Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dreaming Up a New Dream

Times come when the end of something approaches. The temptation is to remain strong in our own strength, or skip the track and take on something totally new.

A third option exists if we don’t want to make or break.

At the right time we have a challenge to up the ante and create something brand-new from the opportunities — some barely visible — before us. But most of the time we’re either too scared or too proud to take the time or make the effort to think this laterally.

Dreaming up a new dream is an opportunist’s destiny; the time is right, and our motives should be right, and so we make the right advance upon the conquest before us. All’s in readiness.

It’s our thoughts, our imaginations, and our hearts that go into it.


When any good thing is ending it’s natural to mourn that thing.

After all, we enjoyed it, or it was challenging in a good way; either way it was worth our while. We may’ve wanted it to continue; certainly a relationship we enjoyed that’s now unrequited. But the end of that life cycle has now arrived. We accept that now.

We’re allowed — indeed, supposed — to grieve it.

We’re also allowed to dream up something new to take its place.

It depends on us. God allows us to set some new rules and standards; to take some control over our hopeful destiny.

Find a reviving place and circumstance to dream up a new dream. Continue to connect to this dreaming, visioning realm until it bears fruit somehow. Don’t give up on it.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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