Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Prayer of Thanks for Godly Revelation


Understanding that You are the Lord of all is something I find such a comfort.

That a righteous and just Creator God, abounding in grace, exists — that You love humankind that much that You gave us freedom of will, and even when we betrayed You, because we could, that You sent Your Son to bring us back to You, through His lovingly sacrificial death — is beyond my comprehension; truly.

I wish to thank You, today, for the role of Your revelation — for my thoughts for love do not come from me, but by Your Spirit that lives in me.

Thankfulness is me, for this fact: suddenly I live the life I was always meant to live; it’s because of You. How marvellous to share these truths with others, as they, too, hear from You — and we share all this, in a seminary of love, what we’re learning together.

You, Almighty God, make it all possible.

For sweet revelation my heart wells with praise, tears seep up to soften my eyes, grace flourishes in my soul, my mind engorges with imagination, and I am thereby strengthened.

In real terms, Lord, there’s nothing much more to want.

Thanking You, always in Jesus’ saving name, amen.

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