Wednesday, April 13, 2011

For Those Called by ‘Purpose’

There’s little separating the called life from the driven one. The former, however, is detached by the call of God imploding the heart for praise, truly, of one thing. Call it a passion.

This is the thing their lives are set apart to. It is only subsidiary to God by manner of action.

Now, apart from the blessing of life itself — something for which we’re all apt to take somewhat for granted — this is the greatest blessing, because reason to live both protects and provides.

In life, purpose is everything. It is salvation — as it applies to bringing heaven here (Matthew 6:10); it compels fruitfulness.

The Protection of Purpose

Depression, among other mental ailments, is a classic example of what lies in our way when we run foul of life. That is, when we suddenly become aware of our incapacity to manage, or our purpose falls away, or we become purposeless, bad realisations are the next thought.

Purpose protects us from ‘going there’ because it remains positive and on the move.

It doesn’t deny the presence of a nemesis; it runs clear ahead of the nemesis and it runs with the Spirit of the Lord.

Protection is negatively spun. It is response and then recovery when the threat to identity is known. Most people have been, and will be, exposed to identity crises.

The protection of purpose is the way out.

The Provision of Purpose

The way in, and further forward, on the quest to living the called life is via a positively spun provision; that is, purpose taken from defensive to offensive.

This is planning and preparation.

It’s about getting out of bed at 3.50 a.m., for example, and making such a strong start to our purpose-built metaphorical days.

Only God can give us energy for such drive. But, it’s us that must act to bring the divine appointment into being. It’s us that have to heave our tired, sorry bodies out of bed, and open eyes stuck tight by slumber’s inertia. Again, the energy — and the will — come, truly, from God.

If we would inspire, it will come from positive action — something we will do.

Calledness versus Drivenness

There is a sharp difference, then, between these two.

To be called is intrinsic; to be driven is to be pushed by external powers. The weight of our action is the same, both ways, but the motive of the former is pure and, therefore, sustainable.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

Note: Not everyone needs to get out of bed at such an early hour. The example is metaphorical, not literal.

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