Friday, April 15, 2011

The Blessing of the Simplest Things

Too many options are a veritable curse.

I recall a missionary friend who ministered to the lepers of India, also equipping their soon-to-be pastors in Christ’s teaching, mentioning a story about Western sock shopping. His exasperation at the enormous range of socks had him leave the store in frustrated disgust. There were too many choices.

For us there are often too many choices, so what is sown is indecision or, possibly worse, later, buyer’s regret. Impetuousness doesn’t help our thinking. It only hinders.

The simplest things cannot be overrated. They are what they are.

They embellish nothing and deliver on everything they promise.

These are the unchanging things of eternity. Choose for them in a world that would have us flounder in indecision over the folly of choice or, worse, transience.

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