Saturday, December 26, 2009


Industry of expectation. Contribution of investigation. Power to live life tracked to purpose, a cause to take us, to believe in.

The talent scout has an eye for one thing. They search it out; focused on the aspect of uniqueness that will make all the difference to the organisation they’re ruthlessly committed to. Travelling far and wide the mission is to find that one prospect, and bring that prospect home—if not directly, indirectly via the facilitative relationship. Not only the eye, but the personal person too.

The hawk too, flying at great height, scans for prey in the barren landscape below. It has this one role, beyond only its own protection. It keeps life simple. That’s its function.

There’s a wider more translucent truth. The role of investigation into inquisitiveness is always rewarded in life provided the focus is pure, unadulterated and focused.

Focus is something we do at several levels.

We start at a centre; at our soul. We move out in our focus beyond ourselves and our own needs—investigating our problems and fixing them—to the needs of dependent others, and again onto others in general. In this, we serve. We don’t stop there. A higher power is calling us... investigate. Be the scout. Our spirit’s attest.

There’s a common resolve. Curiosity opens up to invention. Creation becomes us. Our whole world opens up. Nothing confines the person in this mood. Inclination gives rise to the mood; the mood onto a genre characterising the season; the season, a habit; a habit into a lifestyle.

Scouting is something for the next decade, indeed this, always. To be a scout is the devotedness to things beyond a ho-hum life—a life expecting and investing more.

© 2009 S. J. Wickham.

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