Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Reflective Thank You for 2009

One more year survived. Regrets, sure, but overall many good times and many successes have come. By far and away, it’s been a very good 365-day year, overall.

During this time it was gained, a growth toward things; a growing in things. Circumstances adapted to, sadness’s relieved, trials overcome, frustrations eventually subsided. There’s an abiding sense of achievement and reflection, beyond it all.

By no means is the journey over, not in any stretch of the imagination. For we remain, even now. Past the present time we cannot bother—we’re here now and that’s all that counts.

Plans have come to pass and some still are in progress. Of course, as is now often simply expected, some plans actually came to nought. And, yet, smiles abound—smiles ahead. Philosophical thoughts of what might’ve been shroud harmlessly over the conscious mind. Time to reflect is golden, despite these losses, failures and tumults.

People came in. They made life what it is, for the most part. Being alone isn’t half the fun it would be without people to bring meaning to the loneliness. Some people live on in the thought-stream, some for entirely the wrong reasons. Still, people have made their contributions, however sad or happy they’ve impacted this life we know most personally.

Then there are the loved ones. These present a confusing reality. Life takes the person and ransoms them over their families. Parents know all too well. Grandparents have known this reality for a generation, at least. They can be taken from us in a blink. For this, to be thankful? No, but to wonder for the opposite continuity of family that graces most.

Health is fleeting like almost every other thing known to humankind. Nevertheless, it’s good not to take such a thing for granted. Every person—every physical, mental, emotional and spiritual person—billions of physiological, psychological and supernatural experiments going on every moment. Utterly mind-boggling. And still hardly anbody thinks twice about it!

The senses have it. Another thing taken almost entirely for granted. A look out the window says it all; such a simple thing, a look. Gaze out at a splendour too fine for words. It’s a marvel.

To have endured it all, to have lived and loved and longed, is evidence of the tantalising truth of life. Yet, there’s next year. A year to endure? Perhaps a year to savour.

In all these things, and so much more, we marvel. We have so much and there are so many things to be appreciative for. Is there any limit to our thanks? No, there isn’t.

Thanks in abundance is still far too few.

© 2009 S. J. Wickham.

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