Sunday, November 29, 2009

Real True Paradise, Plain Unadorned Bliss

“As I gently arose from my brief slumber I had this sense of wonder for what the moment held—indescribable, uncontainable bliss saturated my being.”

Many chase after a drug to mimic the affect I felt the moment my powernap ended. How could it be that I, a normal everyday man, could feel so delightfully blessed? The feeling was beyond comprehension as I just sat in it—at surely the vastest point of human experience, or so it seemed.

I analysed a little further, ‘What can I attribute as the cause of this feeling of joy, accomplishment and assurance, in that moment?’ These are my reflections; I know they speak to all of us and not simply to me alone:

è I’d just been ‘re-charged’ and I felt alert and totally rejuvenated. We underrate sleep—it’s a powerful elixir for our health and wellbeing; perhaps the most powerful thing we can do is to be well-slept.

è All my work had been done; it was Friday and I had time ahead of me—time to do what I wanted to do, with few things needing doing.

è I’d achieved many of my goals over a tough three week period, and then some extra ones. I allowed myself to sink into my achievements, the essential and the desirable alike.

è The mood was easy; leisure afoot. Space and time were mine.

è I felt full of hope and my personal prospects were sound; all of my relationships had received my full service and as a result they were all going well.

Now, I’m even slightly embarrassed as to how simple and not-noteworthy these findings are. They’re not that dazzling really. But, they do describe honestly why I felt so good.

Times of bliss are so desirable we want to bottle them. We can’t always feel this way. We have to come back to earth at some point. But there’s no reason why we can’t feel in synch with life and at harmony with our souls very frequently, and certainly weekly. (This is, of course, dependant on our present contexts.)

We should learn to grow our joy hydroponically, being that we can have hybrid emotions in the spiritually peaceful quite without the stresses that threaten to steal our joy.

Why would we have it any other way if we could help it?

© S. J. Wickham, 2009.

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