Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Art and Practice of “Streaming” Thought

The creative mind is a marvellous thing. It blows my mind regarding the extent of naturally occurring thought we can get into, as we nurture the burgeoning sprouting action of free, artistic creation. It’s vivacious, plundering and altogether exponential in colour, volume and style. Vibrancy incarnate.

Out of the creative recesses of the harmonised mind comes a vein of pure ingenious gold. We have it; all of us—certainly the potential for it. As explorers we find the vein and we take samples. And as this rich resource is tapped it realises for us something previously untenable—something wonderfully new. Gorgeous possibilities lay ahead!

The more we invest in the creative processes of the mind the more we’ll be able to employ a modern term in a different way; that of “streaming.” Streaming, in terms of multimedia, is a ‘delivery method’ for constantly feeding an end user.

In the same way, our minds can become the very source of intermittent streaming, delivering for us (the ‘end user’) a wealth of creative matter, and an emotional and spiritual windfall into the bargain.

The creative mind is the stark opposite of the propensity to store emotional baggage—a common ailment of the sick mind. It’s a great corrective and likewise the perfect response. Emotional baggage stagnates; the streaming mind flows. But, paradoxically, we can’t get the creative mind to stream for us unless we’ve more fully dealt with the occlusive baggage that clogs the walls of our minds like tarry deposits.

Streaming is quite an exciting process. To be obedient with it means stopping all else and simply capturing everything that comes; at times this is quite an exigent process, a curse of a blessing. Yet, how on earth could we be ungrateful for it?

Streaming is a divine gift, one given to a free mind and heart, ready for use upon the purpose of life, and that abundantly.

This is what we were made for!

© S. J. Wickham, 2009.

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