Saturday, November 28, 2009

Enlisting the Truth of Wisdom Available to Anyone

“Wisdom, real wisdom, is available to anyone who is prepared to play by Wisdom’s rules. Therein lies the sticking point and stumbling block for ninety-five percent of the population—discipline to apply it separates the men from the boys, the women from the girls.”

I have combined these two concepts previously several times, for instance, The 7 Key And Principal Values Of Wisdom Living. I find it amazing how consistently the principle of the truth in life, and therefore wisdom, plays out. Some people might be tempted to call it “Karma,” or ‘What comes around goes around,’ but the plain truth is that’s not even the half of it—the reality of wisdom, that is.

Lay people who employ what they believe as Karma swim with the tide without really capitalising on the beach-bound wave—they allow life to happen in the hope it equalises and eventually benefits them, but they don’t make the extra discretionary effort required to employ the spirituality of truth in attaining wisdom.

Let me illustrate. When we arrive at a dispute, we might let the issue flow over us, not reacting, but if we don’t take the opportunities to make good with the person (as opposed to the issue) we’re in dispute with, we lose wisdom capital for future endeavours and interactions. True wisdom, therefore, requires humility—the ability to take a short-term loss for the hope of longer term gain. It takes faith to do that consistently. And to be motivated correctly, all this requires genuine love.

This is a demonstration that we understand the truth (and therefore the wisdom) of the intrinsic value of a human being—and correspondingly, out of that, an authentic respect for their view (whether right, wrong or indifferent) pervades us.

Anyone can employ this concept of going a little further in actively pursuing the truth of wisdom; we don’t even have to be ‘spiritual,’ but by virtue of us looking for opportunities to employ wisdom truths we’ll most certainly be characterised as spiritual.

And when we start employing these principles to our lives we find out very quickly that success follows along like the sweet aroma of perfume—alluring, persuasive, commanding.

© S. J. Wickham, 2009.

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