Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Art of Bending Time

A story we’re all familiar with is the father of four, married, with a life; committed to his work and family he is, and he even maintains an interest or two. He sounds busy. So is she. Managing the household affairs and holding down a part time job herself, the mother and wife has no glory ride either. Their individual and collective challenge is to make effective and efficient use of time. We’re all basically in the same boat.

Question: Mounting list; many things; little time—how to do? How do we mow the lawns, do the dishes, hang out the washing and achieve a bunch of other little micro tasks in one, 60-minute hour? My suggestion: obey the time lord.

Some will say the above is impossible. How can one person do all those things, which is ordinarily enough work to keep a person busy for a whole morning or afternoon? Well, it depends on your perception of both time and faith. It really is very simple. Let’s tackle them singularly; faith first.

Faith (Belief)

If we believe we can achieve a great amount of work in a short period of time we’ve got a much better chance of actually achieving that objective. Faith such as this is very simply about a single-minded focus—no doubt, just belief. And even if we miss the objective by a small amount, faith says, ‘Good on you anyway.’

The secret in employing faith to bend time to our favour is to do the tasks with no grizzling, no grumbling, absolutely no complaining—to do them with unparalleled glee. By being ‘unparalleled’ I’m talking: genuine, authentic; real. This sees faith as both the enabler of the art of bending time and the reason it’s possible. It’s a supercharged optimism.

Our Perception of Time

Time appears linear i.e. one second succeeds another and so forth. In our reality, nothing could be more accurate. In another realm, however, time accedes to the desire of a great many things, variables we’re hardly aware of until we begin enquiring. Capacity is one of those variables that time gives way to. This explains why some people achieve so much more, and have so much more energy, than others do.

And we enquire on the basis of the virtue, curiosity—that feature of humankind’s rare ability to approach things with an open heart and mind. It appears here, as our curiosity opens the blinds to the scene of truth, that faith is the subset of the basis of enquiry.

Time is bendable but only once the prerequisite, faith, is on-board; this is belief beyond optimism.

A Final Word of Warning

Once we employ the concept of bending time, and we develop the art, utilising it at will, we’re then tempted to use it all the time. This can come at a cost. We can become exhausted and that, as a result, comes often without much warning.

The bending of our time is hence to be used wisely, prudently.

© S. J. Wickham, 2009.

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