Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Your voice matters

Photo by Tess Nebula on Unsplash

No matter what you think, your voice matters.
If you’ve been silenced, or you feel you need to be silent, please know, find safety, for your voice matters.
If you feel like you need to speak, and you cannot utter a word, because you have no words, or because you feel like you would not be heard, please know, your voice matters.
If you’re a person who regularly speaks, but feels they are never heard, your voice matters. Keep speaking your truth gently. Trust in it. People need to hear it.
If you are sick and tired of using your voice, of risking the truth for what others think and say, your voice still matters. This is a new day. Keep speaking. And pray beforehand for God’s discernment and diligence. But keep speaking.
If you’re in a season of life where you command the attentions of many, and yet there are still many voices in the past that deplore something you’ve said, regain and retain your confidence, because your voice matters. People are relying on it.
If you feel voiceless, festooned into the farthest reaches of oblivion, shut-in within your own experience, know this by plain knowledge, your voice matters.
If your yesterday is a thing to be forgotten, because you still cannot believe what happened, and as you scratch your head and implore God for understanding, and still get no response, come back to the knowledge, life is a mystery, and your voice matters.
If you’re positioned to inspire faith and belief, and it seems to be working, and life and breath and goodness come from your words, rest in the knowledge, your voice matters.
If you’re a tiny child, or a person with special needs, or of a culture your culture doesn’t seem to like, remember who made you, and remember He made you with a voice; your voice matters.
If you don’t understand why life is the way it is, and you battle to accept life on life’s terms, I hope it makes a difference for you to know, your voice matters.
If you’re a parent, and your children seem to ignore you, or disobey you, or disdain you, your voice matters. Keep using and refining your voice. Keep nurturing and nuancing your relationships. Keep your heart soft, because your voice matters. They need your wisdom. Speak wisely.
If you feel you have done your dash, and you have exhausted all opportunities of redemption, know somehow that you’re in good company, and that strangely enough, your voice still matters. It really does. More than you may ever realise.
If you are anxious and frightened about what you need to say, and the person before you is scary beyond belief, and everything in front of you looks daunting, come back to this knowledge, your voice matters.
If you’re a faithful partner, and though you are imperfect you have remained faithful, in staying faithful, know that your voice matters.
If you have something to say, and you do feel it is from God, trust the God who gave it to you to say, because your voice matters. No matter the resistance you get, what you have to say is important.
If you are burdened beyond what you can take, and you’ve been here before, and you may arrive here again, hold fast to the faith that brought you here, because no matter what, your voice matters.
If you believe in eternity, and you realise your time is now, no matter the forces against it, time is for you, and your voice matters, at the right time.

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