Monday, January 9, 2017

Welcome Your Weaknesses or Shrink Your Strengths

Strength and weakness go hand-in-hand,
all along life’s long length,
We have to acknowledge our weakness,
before we can embrace our strength.
If anything clutches us in the dim shame of life it’s our weaknesses, which we’d prefer to keep hidden. Whether it’s secrets of our family-of-origin, a hideous predilection, or just the stock-standard litany of personal limitations, it doesn’t matter. We do with all our conscious power that which our unconscious minds wants dealt with.
Beyond the issue of religious or spiritual belief, God has designed within life a wisdom that’s irrefutable. If anyone would deny their weakness, their strength will forever be limited and ultimately shrivel. That’s how much God cares for truth. None of us can escape this rule of life.
If our weaknesses hold no fear for us,
imagine how useable we are in our strengths.
If we have the gumption to admit our weaknesses, God blesses us with more of our fuller potential of strength — whether we believe in God or not, because we honour the eternality of truth.
Where we see our reality, whether it’s weakness or strength or a mix of each, God makes us more capable.
Being real about our weaknesses does, however, require great humility, meaning courage, faith, and trust. Many times, weaknesses are noted by others, which tests our humility. We’re all a little vulnerable to the feedback of others. And just occasionally we have a weakness — a secret weakness — exposed. This situation is not the end, but the beginning. What seems like the end in humiliation is actually the beginning, as it’s only when the truth is exposed that we can be set free to live the truth and make amends.
Whatever weakness it is, it is always better acknowledged and exposed so work can begin. Once the work begins, strength grows, and with it, peace.
Embark on the journey of truth, admitting your weaknesses with bold candour, and ultimately unequivocal strength will be yours.

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