Friday, January 27, 2017

Turning the Reins Over to God

If it were a song, the title Turning the Reins Over to God would need to be set to ‘play repeatedly’. None of us like relinquishing control. And especially when we have least control.
I can usually predict with the unerring accuracy of hindsight when turning the reins over to God will be required — when life’s been in one of those little easy patches. I get complacent and start to unconsciously believe that I have such a trusting faith, when, in all reality, there are many subtle things that knock me off course. Frustrating distractions, sometimes a close relationship I cannot control, too many competing priorities, too many things to do, not enough space to be, and, of course, spiritual attack.
Yet, God reminds us all through life that we don’t control it. Acceptance of that only comes through the action of surrender.
Which brings me to this:
Lord, get me past this paralysis,
Let me allow You take the reins,
Help me stop all this analysis,
That brings only myriad pains.
In a place in our minds and hearts where we’re shut in, we need to do something different to break out. Not get angrier, as if we had that sort of energy to waste. We have to find a way to surrender our control over a state of being out of control.
That’s an opportunity for today, and for any day we feel overwhelmed through causes from within us. We don’t have to wait around and continue to feel sorry for ourselves. We could do that, and God would allow it. But it serves no good. It prospers us nothing.
But if we turn the reins over to God, He will make our horse run like the night, when, for us, it’s been a stubborn mule.

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