Monday, January 23, 2017

How God Turns Loss Into Gain

“Mostly it is loss that teaches us about the worth of things.”
— Arthur Schopenhauer (1788–1860)
As we endure loss that rips life of its meaning and strips our being bare, we hope beyond hope that one day it could amount to something. That somehow loss might be worth the pain we endured.
If only there would be some recompense for the yardage we’ve put in.
At many early points, we cannot reconcile that we have to say goodbye to what was. But eventually we reach a place of acceptance, and somehow the pain of grief makes way for a reminiscent memorial that promises never to let go of the beauty imprinted immortally in the mind.
The heart is widened, broadened, and deepened simply because the heart had to grow to hold what life had become. Grief implodes our understanding. The heart adapted to what the mind, alone, was inharmonious about. The heart taught the rest of us how to survive, how to endure, and ultimately how to thrive. And, because we cannot explain just how God works in our heart, we know it is God who heals us there.
It’s all God’s wisdom operant through a surrendered individual, for we only get better through grief when we acknowledge it’s too big for us.
God turns our losses into gains, where the material temporary things lose their lustre, and spiritual things that are eternal take on priceless significance.
For the loss that cost us everything, we gain something that changes us completely for the good.
When finally we learn that the things of this world cannot be relied upon, we learn an immeasurable lesson. Only the things of God last. Our values are completely reordered. The truth prevails and finally we’re free. Nothing holds us in the way it did. Finally, we’re purposed as we were designed.
Somehow we learn to trust in faith that what was lost may soon be found in eternity. In such faith there’s peace.
There’s a hope for today, too. Having learned the truth the only way we can learn such a lesson, through loss, we recognise and now prefer the eternal things over the temporary things.
Loss is a catalyst for the receipt of a gift. God’s wisdom can only be learned at the depths.
Loss can prove to be the ending of ignorance, and the beginning of a curious journey in seeking God’s wisdom.

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